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25 May 2010

Example of Hortatory Text about Proposing Gesang as National Hero

Gesang Should hold a National Hero Status is good as another example of hortatory texts which exposes arguments and persuades the readers. Read the text bellow!

"Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it" and "A great nation is one which fully appreciates its heroes." say popular English aphorism and national adage. Then, proposing an important person who has taken a role in our nation history is important. I think Gesang should be a national hero.
Who have never heard Bengawan Solo song? I doubt it if there is. This keroncong song has been a part of national voices. Gesang is a senior composer whose songs gained fame all the way to Japan. He has received a number of awards in art and everyone will admit that his art talent was dedicated to this nation.
Government has declared the other great composer; WR. Suratman and Ismail Marzuki as national Heroes. Gesang might not be compared to others, but in my opinion, Gesang is as great as them. All of them are maestros. Due to his keroncong music maestro, Gesang has taken a role in building our national identity.
It is obvious that government should name Gesang National Hero. We should not delay and wait for, in case, our neighbor countries or other international communities go a head to recognize him and grant an award for what he deserves.

Note: This example of hortatory text about nominating Gesang as a national hero is adapted and arranged from The Jakarta Post in Minister supports Gesang's national hero nomination, Surakarta proposes hero status Gesang, and heroes and heroism issues.

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