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02 May 2011

Contoh News Item "Indonesian Sailors Freed by Pirate"

We have several posts categorized as news item text. Additionally this is another example of news item which hopefully helps students to get a better understanding on what and how a news item text is

Indonesian Sailors Free as Pirates' Ransom is Paid
The crew of 20 Indonesian sailors aboard the Sinar Kudus cargo ship were finally freed by Somali pirates on Sunday.

“We received the cash of $4.5 million early this morning. We have abandoned the ship and it is preparing to sail away,” a pirate who gave his name as Geney told Reuters news agency

In March, a large group of 30 to 50 Somali pirates seized the Indonesian flagged and owned ship about 320 nautical miles northeast of the Yemeni island of Socotra. The Sinar Kudus was on its way to the Netherlands from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi when it was hijacked.

“The ship is now on its way to the nearest secure port and is being heavily guarded by Indonesian warships,” David Batubara, vice president of Samudra Indonesia told reporters late on Sunday.

Note: "Contoh" news item . It is arranged from: thejakartaglobe.com/home/indonesian-sailors-free-as-pirates-ransom-is-paid/438494

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