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25 October 2011

Gerund and Gerund Phrase

Gerund and Gerund Phrase

Hello. Here I come again. I hope you are not bored with me. I, Mr. Enjoy, now will talk about gerund phrase. Ha-ha.
So, what is the meaning of gerund? Have you heard about it? It is a strange word, isn’t it? Ha-ha. No, it is not a food.
“Gerund is the –ing form verb that functions as a noun.”

So, is it clear now? I hope so. Gerund has many positions like:
·         As a subject of sentence
·         An object of sentence
·         Complement
·         Adverb
The formula of gerund phrase is: Gerund + Object/Complement/Adverb

Take a look at these examples:

a.       Gerund as a Subject:                      Fishing is an expensive hobby.
b.      Gerund as a Complement:           My hobby is reading.
c.       Gerund as an Object:                     Mona likes running
d.      Gerund as an  object of preposition:                       Ivan is interested in fishing:        

Now, take a look on these Gerund Phrases:

a.       Gerund Phrase as a subject:                       Reading books is Danny’s hobby.
b.      Gerund Phrase as an object:                       John likes fishing on the sea.
c.       Gerund Phrase as a complement:            Dona’s hobby is reading magazines.
d.      Gerund Phrase as an object of prepositions:       Alfred is interested on reading poetry.

So that’s all. Thanks for viewing my writing. I hope my writing can make you understand. Keep studying English. See you in the next post! ^_^

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