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17 November 2011

Adjective Phrase

Hola! Mr. Enjoy feels so sorry because in few days ago, Mr. Enjoy did not post any article. It was because Mr. Enjoy have to do the mid term examination. But don’t worry. Today Mr. Enjoy back to you again and we will discuss about Adjective Phrases.

In an adjective phrases sentence, sometimes a group of words does the work of an adjective.
Study two examples below:
  • The minister was a wealthy man.
  • The minister was a man of great wealth.
In the first example, the adjective wealthy says what sort of man the mayor was. In the second example, the group of words ‘of great wealth’ also says the same thing. It qualifies the noun man as an adjective does. Therefore, it does the work of an adjective. It is called an adjective phrase.

Definition of Adjective phrase

“An adjective phrase is a group of words that does the work of an adjective.”
  • The magistrate was a kind man. (Here the adjective kind modifies the noun man.)
  • The magistrate was a man with a kind heart. (Here the adjective phrase ‘with a kind heart’ modifies the noun man.)
  • They lived in a stone home.
  • They lived in a house built of stone.
  • The workers belonged to a hill tribe.
  • The workers belonged to a tribe dwelling in the hills.
Study the following adjectives and the adjective phrases that are equivalent to them.
  • A silver ring – a ring made of silver
  • A white tie – a tie of white color
  • A jungle track – a track through the jungle
  • A deserted city – a city with no inhabitants
  • The Chinese flag – the flag of China
  • A wooden hut – a hut built of wood
  • A blank page – a page with no writing on it

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