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Last week I went to the theatre. I had a very good seat. The play was very interesting.I did not enjoy it. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind me. They were talking very loudly.I got very angry. I could not hear the actors. I turned around. I looked at the man and the young woman angrily. They did not pay any attention.In the end, I could not bear it. I turned around again. “I could not hear a word” I said angrily.“It’s none of your business” the young man said rudely. “This is a private conversation”
(From: English New Concept)

Generic Structure Analysis
: introducing a writes as point of view “I” which is in a theatre last week
Event 1: the other theatregoers, young man and young woman, were talking noisily.
Event 2: the writer used physical language by turning around to the young man and young woman talk to not to make noisy.
Event 3: the write used verbal language by saying “I could not hear a word”.
Twister: the young man misunderstood the writer’s word and said; “It’s none of your business. It’s a private conversation”.

There was a black family in Scotland years ago. They were Clark family with nine children. They had a dream to go to America. The family worked and saved. They were making plan to travel with their children to America. It had taken several years but finally they had saved enough money. They had gotten passport. They had booked seats for the whole family member in a new liner to America.

The entire family was full of anticipation and excitement with their new life in America. However few days before their departure, the youngest son was bitten by a dog. The doctor sewed up the boy. Because of the possibility of getting rabies, there were being quarantined for long days. They were in quarantine when the departure time came. The family dreams were dashed. They could not make the trip to America as they had planned.

The father was full of disappointed and anger. He stomped the dock to watch the ship leaved without him and his family. He shed tears of disappointment. He cursed both his son and God for the misfortune.

Five days latter, the tragic news spread throughout Scotland. The ship, the mighty Titanic, had shank. It took hundreds of passenger and crew with it. Titanic which had been called the unsinkable ship had sunk. It was unbelievable but it was.

The Clak family should have been on that ship, but because of the bitten son by a dog, they were left behind. When the father heard the news, he hugged the son and thanked him for saving the family. He thanked God for saving their lives. It was a blessing behind a tragedy. (Adapted from Look Ahead 2)

Generic Structure Analysis
: Everybody has a dream. You have and so do I. When the dream will come true, there is something wrong last minute before it. What will we feel? What will we do?

Orientation: the Clak family lived in Scotland. They had dream to travel to America. They prepared well for their plan

Crisis: few days before they went to America, his youngest son was bitten by a dog. It made they were being quarantined. They had to forget their plan.

Incident: the family was full of disappointment and anger. The father was angry with his son and God. The family failed to travel to America and the father could not accept it.

Coda: the father thank to his son when he hear the ship sank. He thank to God because of saving the family from sinking. He thought leaving behind the ship was not a tragedy but a blessing.

One day Nasreddin had been invited to the dinner party. He went to the party by wearing old clothes.

When he arrived in the party, nobody looked at him and nobody gave him a seat. He got no food in the party so he went home and change his clothes

Next he put on his best clothes. He wore his newest coat and went to the party again. The host at once got up and came to meet him. The host offered him the best table and gave him a good seat and served him the best food

Nasreddin sat and put off his coat. He put his coat and said; “Eat the food, Coat!” the hosts and guests were very surprised and asked Nareddin; “What are doing?” Nasreddin replied calmly; “When I came here with my old clothes, nobody looked at me. Then I went home and put on my best clothes. I came back in my newest coat and you all give me this best food and drink. So, you give food to my coat instead of me”. Getting Nasreddin's answer, they just shook the head.

Generic Structure Analysis

Orientation: one day, Nasreddin was invited to a dinner party

Event 1: He was in the party with his old cloth

Event 2: He was in the party with his best newest coat

Twist: Among the hosts and guests, he aske his coat to eat the served food

Translation is transferring not only words by word but also message to message. In certain case, it will be quite difficult to make translation. How is to make good Arabic translation from English phrase of “as white as snow” meanwhile there is no snow in Arabian?
The basic requirement of a good translator is mastering resource and target language with all non-linguistic aspect . If he is an English translator and wants to make Hindi translation, he should understand well the language and aspect of India. Similarly, if he works with Farsi translation, he has to be familiar with linguistics and non-linguistics of Farsian.
However, translation providers can bridge that difficulty. The translation experts, such as India translation will help to fix the problem. The experts who have grammatical, lexical, sociolinguistics specialization will match in transferring the message from one language to another language.

The correct ways or method in communicating to reader will determine success or not of any writing text. If a writer wants to tell about story, what method will be used. If he wants to proof something, how he makes it. If he is a salesman, how he should communicate. These brief analogies are useful to determine what the most appropriate method to catch reader's attention. If a writer just wants to tell about something, it will be different from which he want to express idea. In the same way, it will differ from which he wants to convince others.
Describing is the most common way to communicating. It tells about something as it is. It focuses on detail item. Every item is explained referring the told thing. This type of method is called narration. It usually works with the question "What is it?". Answering such question will automatically describe or explain.
"It is a small village. It has four hundreds family members. It is located in the north side of the region. In the west is a bush area which is easily burnt. Last year it was on fire and catching the houses. Near fifty houses were burnt. Some of them are farmers and the rest works in match industry near the village"
When you are in discussion forum, commonly participant tends to agree or disagree. Argumentation is method way to release the idea. It will work with the question of "Why is it". Argumentation method will be clearly stated with "because". It explores opinion. It usually apply causality rule. " I think, according to the rule, based on the fact" will match to argumentation.
When a writer wants to convince the reader, the best way is applying persuasion. Its function is influencing. "How should it be?" will be best to start persuasion. Advertising text commonly uses persuasive material. Its target is to be admitted and followed.

The loved people will make us do everything. They have great impact on us. We will do anything for them. Luckily we have ability to catch the advantage of that "force", one example is a TAMM creation. This site is built with the motivation to do everything for the kids and fortunately supported by the husband. After all, we find that this site is composed by a mother. Now she has and run her own business.
She loves writing as it is said in her previous pos 'freelance writing'. It is a great interest. Firstly it is just for fun but in the end she eagerly to write a book. At least by writing she has opportunity to share her idea, thought, and creation. She understands well that writing has strong power for socialization personally and profitably. This blog where she writes on used to be a medium for her to run his business, selling handicraft creation. As everything had changed she focused on topic of kid and family. She has been a writer.

It is time for men speak. If previous post is about kid and mother, this post is about men and their masculine stuff. Sport is always attracted us much. It shows power, strength, strategy, dedication and commitment.
This site features Ohio State player and recruit interviews of football, basketball and National Football League of America information completely with top pictures. It presents scores and improvement of player and game. This site is useful resource for sport affiliates; player, spectator, commentator, journalist, coach and others.
It also provides news area which a lot of up-to-date information about sport and things related to it. Beside that, it also gives forum area where visitors have opportunity in interact with others. They can discuss a hot news and topic. They can ask certain question while others give comment. If they maximally use these facilities, they will be strongly connected and appear as solid community on sport.

Life itself is a journey. For Rosemarie, a pretty young Filipino single mother for 2-year kid, the daily activities are worthily documented. The site is her effort to record of what she did, does and will do daily.
The site consists of several topic; family, motherhood, shopping, money, love fashion and shopping. These topics are close related to her own life. She is not only young but also pretty and she has a kid. These topics will be useful to her. Rosemarie is also interested with making money, internet, business, computer, loan and other interesting stuff. She is a widely knowledge mom.
The template design of her site is very girly, pink centered. She has arranged her site very attractive, fresh and bright. Again, this physical appearing site must represent her personal mood because she is a young and pretty mom. I like this site and you, young mothers, surely will like the site too.

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