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I read the description of this blog which has title The World is Yours Now and I straightly catch the point that this blog is about how to make money online. I have read several such point blogs but this one is different. This blog is strongly motivated reader that there is wide opportunity to make money online especially through writing blog
This blog gradually guides reader how to make money through blog fast and easily. There are ways to make money by blogging. Bloggers can apply some pay per click program. They can write for some reviews in their blogs and receive payment for their approval reviews. They can build massive affiliate program by selling good and service of certain merchant and getting payment for what they sell. This blog shows reader that the opportunity of making money is widely open. This blog tries to open the reader's mind and show how to do to earn money by blogging. Certain content itself about buying ferrari represents simple example which readers can think and do suitably for their own to make money by blogging.

It is about a young mother. It has a title of yummy mummy. This blog is representative of her idea of becoming young mother. He pours her thought and opinion on this blog in relating her position of a mother of kid and a wife of a husband. Beside that, she is trying to monetizing it
This blog has fresh physical appearance. She choose green border of her template. She is young therefore she has to have a blog look fresh and energetic. She looks to have strong care to her baby that is why we find her monthly calendar of feeding milk to her baby attaches on the header of the blog.
She is not only a good mother for her baby but also a good wife for her husband. She expresses it in her post labeled wedding anniversary. It is a romantic scene. In the last she is monetizing this blog. It must help her husband support financially the family. It is really a reference blog for every young mother and wife.

The title is yummy baby and the Author's nick name Yummy Mummy. It is clear enough to be said that this blog is composed by a mother to her baby. After reading her post I find that the mother and father got the second marriage anniversary. Now they have a very chubby baby. I should say congratulation on their completely fixed nice family.
This blog is written in the third person point of view. The third person is the baby itself. It shows that the mother has big effort to take care and do everything for her baby. It is a very motherly tasted blog. I like the way she write on her blog. She writes about her daily care on her baby. He makes record on her baby development. All these materials of taking care about her baby are the main resource in writing contents for her blog. It is a very useful blog especially for any mother and babysitter. Of course, any father will get advantage to read this blog.

It has been appearing. It calls its self gusblake. It is a site of a boy from Ponorogo. If you have not known Ponorogo yet, it is one of regencies in East Java, Indonesia. Recently, this town has appeared as public issues because Reog Ponorogo, one of its local genius traditional dances got on the stage in Malaysia as its icon. I am not going to talk about this traditional culture. Instead of it, a site which has been built by a young boy with with this local reog spirit has attracted me much.
This site is trying to attract to the world. With its physical design, it is simple but easily eyes catcher. Each of the pages is divided into three columns with different size. The left wider column is for main content. The central positioned column is seemingly designed for monetizing and SEO tools. The rest column which takes place in the right side is taken place by archives, content summary and blogging community
This site concentrates to several topics, namely health, information, tips, trick, thought, personal sharing, technology, refreshing, travel and other topics. The author named Sofyan tries to present these topics seriously but in nice way.

In simple word, narrative text has generic structure as orientation, complication and resolution. This complication is the heart structure of narrative text. The complication will determine whether the text "lives" or not. If the narrative text consider as the "live" text, it will arouse the reader. It will intrude to the emotion of the reader. Commonly narrative text appears as story text. In literary term, the complication structure is called conflict. Basically, conflict is divided into three kinds. In any writing, each type will not take place with its own type. Each often combines to other type in building the story.
Physical conflict, or in other word as elemental conflict, is description of man's struggle to his physical word. It represents man versus nature force, difficulty and danger. How man survives from flood, exploding mount is clear example of physical conflict.
Social conflict is the second type. It will show the struggle of man against his society. It is description of struggle between man and man. Cinderella wants to go to party but her step mother and sisters do not permit her. She eagerly to have the opportunity to meet the prince but her step mother and sister try to block this opportunity and take it for them selves. It is a perfect picture of social conflict.
Internal or psychological conflict is a conflict which happens inside the participant. A man struggles against him self, his conscience, his guilty. He wants to steal money in the other hand he knows that stealing is not good. The fight of stealing money against having good deed is a psychological conflict
The struggle among these conflicts includes verbal and physical attempts. Narrative text will be perfectly composed by these kinds of conflict. Some time it will apply one type but it often combines these three kinds of conflict.

Software application have grown to their density. A lot of softwares have been offered to us. They claim that they are the best product. A buyer is really a king. He/she has so many choices to select which he/she likes most. In one side, this phenomenon present us comparable software products but, in the other hands, it make us complicated to choose.
Due to this complex phenomenon of consumer, a review site is necessary. It will be a recommending bridge between consumer and producer. A good reviewer will place hes/her self in the middle arena. He/she will not tend to specially software producer or absolutely consumer. He/she just presents the real description of the product. He/she will observes to find the good and bad side of the product. In the last, he/she will recommends whether the reviewed products deserve to choose or not. That is really helpful for consumer.

Cassandra Morgan is a married woman. She has a kid. As other fixed family, she likes pets too. She does not close her self to popular stuff; movie, game, electronical equipments, artist life, progressive music and others. In fact she is a Japanese pop culture its self.
She has been building her website, The Geek Within. She has composed her reviews to various topics in side pop culture. She presents them to be known that they are the recent life of Japanese. Music, interest, digital equipments and accessories are found in her subject. She eagerly strengthens her website as another side of medium for communication.
She has been familiar with various games. She writes about what she has known. What she writes in her blog is short but effective. It just shows the way, walking through or not is up to the reader. She has a brave heart to show what she has known but she has a willingness to accept any suggestion

Finding idea to write is sometime difficult enough. The most common things to be explored is owner's experience. Daily activities, dream, obsession, thought are the value resource to write.
Young period is always interesting idea to be exposed. It always brings fresh and new energy. It is always colorful but proud of its existence. Sometime it inspires other even the older.
She is productive and flamboyant. She is young and attractive. She writes her life, documents and shares it to others. She likes to be known but she has her own. She is brave to say "it is I am".
Reading her site is finding teenager's spirit; colorful, curious, strong, flamboyant and easy going. She deeply involves her self in her writing. I like the way she writes idea in her virtual diary and I enjoy reading it. Why don't you read it? Visit her site! She likes to call her self glam baby!. Then you will find full teenage ways.

Something which happened in the past is the main resource to compose both recount and narrative text. In writer's point of view, the thing is an experience. It can be what the writer has done, hear, read, and felt. Composing recount and narrative is retelling the experiences of the past event to be a present event.
What does recount differ from narrative?
The easiest way to catch the difference is analyzing the generic structure. Recount text presents the past experiences in order of time or place; what happened on Sunday, then on Monday, the on Tuesday. In simple way, recount describes series of events in detail. It does not expose the struggle on how to make them happen. The event happened smoothly. On the other hand, narrative introduces crises and how to solve them. Narrative text always appear as a hard potrait of participant's past experience. It reveals the conflict among the participants. Cinderella's conflicts with her step mother and sister are the example. The conflict is the most important element in a narrative text. Narrative without comflicts is not narrative any more.

The sun seems to rise in the morning, crosses the sky during the day and sets at night. However the sun does not actually move around the earth. Earth's turning on its axis makes it look as if the sun is moves.
The earth makes a complete turn on its axis for 24 hours. It is called as rotation. It causes day and night. The earth also moves around the sun. It takes 365 days or a year. This process is called revolution. The revolution process causes the changes of the season

Writing is actually the way we construct sentences. If we have a good ability to construct sentence, we will be easy to write anything. Commonly, we tend to make very long and complex sentences but they are not as clear as the length of the form. The worst, the sentences can not be pointed the meaning. Bellow is the common pattern to construct sentences. If we follow these pasterns, then it will be clearly seen that making sentence is simple.
Sentence is a combination of constructed parts of speech into meaningful point. The part of speech which is commonly applied to make a very simple sentence are: noun, verb, linking verb, adjective and adverb. These six parts of speech are the main element of simple sentence.
It is important to remember that English sentence always have a "Predicate". It can be verb or linking verb. English sentences, at least, must consist of Subject and Predicate otherwise it is not a sentence. The following pattern is simple guide to construct sentences

Noun + Verb
• Wind blows
• The birds fly
• The dog barks
• A lamp burns

Noun + Verb + Noun
• A cat catches a bird
• This text confuses me
• The library supplies many books
• The beggar begs some money

Noun + Linking Verb + Adjective
• The baby looks healthy
• The food tastes nice
• The book seems interesting
• The music sounds loud
• His ambition becomes true
• I do not feel good
• The house gets haunting
• The girls are beautiful

Noun + Linking Verb + Noun
• My father is a farmer
• We are a student
• The room is empty

Noun + Verb + Noun + Noun
• He finds me a student
• Everyone considers him an engineer
• People believe the news a truth
• Police thinks the man a thief
• The fact proves the assumption a reality
• English calls it a dictionary
• My parents name me John
• People elect him a president
• The boss nominates him a manager

Noun + Verb + Noun + Adjective
• The student finds his class empty
• Police supposes the man guilty
• The data prove the accused innocent
• Her behavior makes me confusing
• She keeps me bored

The six patterns of sentence are guide to make correct simple sentence. It will look short and meaningful. If we do not like short sentence, we can combine that each pattern into one long complex sentence

Some of us are fear of a problem with bad credit. What is bad credit? Bad credit is a given term to someone who has a "difficulty" in payment for his loans. Lender considers him failing to pay. This consideration makes credit rating poor. Bad credit phenomenon tends to spreads out among society. Actually bad credit status is not as frightening as it was. With reliable resource and suitable effort, bad credit can be improved.
In such situation, BadCreditOffers is helpful. It reveals some trusty sources. It informs some institutions which provide bad credit loans and give the opportunity to make a better rating. It gives a comprehensive analysis of the sites which offer loans and credit card for people with bad credit history. It helps them to take the most suitable loans and credit for themselves.
This helpful site will gives a wide knowledge about credit card feature. It shows comparison of credit card offers from trustful lenders with easy and simple application. It also presents source of car and home loans for borrower with bad credit history. Or if the borrower needs a comprehensive source of quick and easy fund, it is available. Besides that, it also provides advice and counseling about credit knowledge before and after applying credit offers.

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