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Analytical Exposition

Are you looking for good example of Analytical Exposition? Before we talking further about Analytical Exposition, here is the definition Analytical Exposition:

ANALYTICAL EXPOSITION is a text which has purpose to persuade the reader or listener that there is something that, certainly, needs to get attention.Analytical Exposition also used To analyze a topic and to persuade the reader that this opinion is correct and supported by arguments.

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Below is the example of good Analytical Exposition.

 "Is Smoking Good for Us?"
Before we are going to smoke, it is better to look at the fact. About 50 thousands people die every year in Britain as direct result of smoking. This is seven times as many as die in road accidents. Nearly a quarter of smokers die because of diseases caused by smoking.
Ninety percent of lung cancers are caused by smoking. If we smoke five cigarettes a day, we are six times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non smoker. If we smoke twenty cigarettes a day, the risk is nineteen greater. Ninety five percent of people who suffer of bronchitis are people who are smoking. Smokers are two and half times more likely to die of heart disease than non smokers.
Additionally, children of smoker are more likely to develop bronchitis and pneumonia. In one hour in smoky room, non smoker breathes as much as substance causing cancer as if he had smoked fifteen cigarettes.
Smoking is really good for tobacco companies because they do make much money from smoking habit. Smoking however is not good for every body else.

Notes on the generic structure of this example of analytical exposition
As we know that both analytical exposition and hortatory exposition are classified as argumentative essay. Both present argument to support the thesis state in the orientation. This thesis places the writer’s position on the essay. From the generic structure, what make big different is that analytical exposition ends with paragraph to strengthen the thesis while hortatory makes a recommendation for readers.

  • Thesis: This pre-conclusive paragraph states the writer’s point of view about the topic discussed. Writer has show himself in clear position of the discussed topic. Paragraph 1 on this analytical exposition is the thesis of this analytical exposition text. It states the fact of the very fatal impact of the smoking habit. Clearly the writer wants to say on this analytical exposition that smoking is not a good habit. 
  • Arguments: Presenting arguments in analytical exposition text is as important as giving conflict plot in narrative text. The series of argument in analytical exposition will strengthen the thesis stated before. In this example of analytical exposition text, paragraph 2 and 3 are the detail arguments presented in a reporting fact to support that smoking is not good even for smokers themselves. Furthermore, people who do not smoke but they are in smoky area have the bad effect too from the smoking habit. 
  • Reiteration: This end paragraph of this analytical exposition actually is restating the thesis. It is something like conclusive paragraph from the previous arguments. The last paragraph of this example of analytical exposition points again that smoking is not good for smokers and people around smokers. However smoking is very good for Cigarette Companies

How To Speak English Fluently

You always dreamed of speaking English fluently just like native people or other million people around the world but  remained only a dream! You know English, but when you speak, your pronunciation sounds strange or you stammer. Have you ever wondered what's the root cause of the above problem about How to Speak English Fluently? The answer might surprise you! The biggest problem is speaking English fluently & confidently without any hesitation. But dont worry, you are not the only one who confused about How to Speak English Fluently and you are the lucky person because now you are reading a post on How to Speak English Fluently   As we all know, English is a globally accepted universal language & the ability to speak it well is absolutely crucial in today's global economy. It is important to Speak English Fluently, and surely you should learn to How to Speak English Fluently. English is a language that has aspects of other languages in it as well, making it easier to learn and follow the language. So it is super essential to speak English fluently for communication in any part of the world, because it is communication that is holding the world together. Imagine if your weak in it, then how can you survive in this highly competitive globe. More and more people are trying to learn and improve their English. Tutorials on how Speaking English fluently can bring you many opportunities, not only in career but also a chance of interacting with other people, who know how to speak English fluently across the world.

 Speak English Fluently is Important

Many people say that the English language is one of the hardest to learn. It is important to read tutorials on How to Speak English Fluently. But the truth is it is not at all difficult. In fact learning English can be fun & easy task if you put your mind into it. If you can master this step, I believe soon you know how to speak English fluently.  Also, you have to say goodbye to your fear & hesitation, then only will you be able to speak English fluently and know how to speak fluent in English and also other language & confidently just like a native speaker. When learning how to speak fluently, just remember how you learnt to speak english fluently when you were a child. You simply uttered words imperfectly & used to imitate whatever sounds were produced around you. Same is the case with learning to speak fluently in English.

 Tuorials on How to Speak English Fluently Like A Young Children

You might have seen a person having a good grasp of the English language impressing everyone. To speak English fluently means you should be able to pronounce words properly and with a correct vocabulary. When you talk to someone who is fluent in English, it is no surprise that you'll be impressed with that person.   So if you wish to speak English flawlessly like a native, here are some efficient tips on how to speak English fluently:   Focus on actually conversing rather than just memorizing grammatical rules. To converse good English, you need to focus on conversing in English as much as possible.   Look out for people who are good in English. Converse with them. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Ask your friends or relatives or teachers, who know better English, to correct you, In this way you will learn correct English.   Think in English. Yes, if you want to speak English fluently, you need to think in English rather than thinking in your mother tongue. If you do that, it will slow down your speaking process and you won't be able to speak fluently if you constantly translate from your native language to English.   It is also good to hear how others are pronouncing words in English. You can listen to conversations on the internet, radios, TV, movies and from general people.   Access gold mine of English reading materials like online English learning sites, books, English learning kits, English distance learning programs, English learning blogs, forums etc.   Be confident in speaking English. Yes, speaking English confidently will improve your approach and your communication skills. So, don't only concentrate on the language itself, but also on your confidence, because if you aren't confident, you can't speak fluently. So these were the secrets of speaking fluent English. There may be other ways to make your spoken English better but the only thing which will improve your English language is working hard and practising.   Thus in order to gain English fluency, you should be more patient in the process of learning the language. It takes hard work, discipline and the willingness to learn in order to speak English fluently. So practice constantly as much as you can & as per the old saying, "Practice makes a man perfect", you will be a master of it.

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Introducing People in English is important

I want to paling How to Introduce People in English.
Introducing yourself is an important topic that came up in an ESL class discussion of How to Prepare for a Career Fair. But a proper introduction people in English is also an important topic for all aspects of life in America, including professional and social.
A good introduction people in English will not only include appropriate verbal language, but also the right body language.
Here are a sample ways in how to introduce yourself in English:
Introducing People in English Example number 5
1.“Hi. My name is Sabine. It’s good to be here.”
Introducing People in English Example number 4
2. “I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sabine.”
Introducing People in English Example number 3
“I’m Sabine. And you are…?”
“My name is Sabine. What’s your name?”
The questions that come after an introduction people in english must include the appropriate rising intonation. This rising intonation in English (your voice pitch gets higher) indicates that you are asking a question, and it will add a tone of friendliness to your speech.
Introductions are also essential in introducing one person to another. Not introducing another would be considered rude and may make the people you are with uncomfortable.


Informal Greetings

Hi / Hello
How are you? 
What's up? (very informal)
How are you doing? (very informal)
It's important to note that the question "How are you?" or "What's up?" doesn't necessary need a response. If you do respond, these phrases are generally expected:
Very well, thank you. And you? (formal)
Fine / Great (informal)

Formal Greetings

Good morning / afternoon / evening.


Formal Greeting and Leave Taking

It was a pleasure seeing you.
Note: After 8 p.m. - Good night.
Informal Greeting and Leave Takings
Goodbye / Bye.
See you (later).
Later (very informal)
WHAT TO SAY when Greeting and Leave Taking to someone
Study the following expressions of greetings, introducing, meeting and parting.

Greeting and Leave Taking Table 2


• Good morning.
• Good afternoon.
• Good evening.
• How nice to see you
• Hello.
• How are you?
• How do you do?
• How are you doing?
• Hi!

• Good morning.
• Good afternoon.
• Good evening.
• Yes, it's been so nice.
• Fine, thanks.
• How do you do?
• Not bad.
• Hi!

Exocentric contruction Definition

What is an exocentric construction? An exocentric construction is a construction that does not contain any head element that is capable of being a syntactically adequate substitution for the whole construction. Examples (English) •             Prepositional phrase Neither the component preposition nor the noun phrase may substitute for the whole prepositional phrase. •             Clause No single element of the clause may substitute for the whole.

 exocentric construction definition

adj. 1. Exocentric construction is an adjective of or relating to a group of syntactically related words, none of which is functionally equivalent to the function of the whole group. For example, none of the words in the phrase on the table is an adverb, yet they combine to form a phrase having adverbial function.   2. Exocentric construction is an adjective of or relating to a compound word whose referent is not the same as the referents of any of its constituent parts. For example, the noun razorback does not refer to a type of back, but to a type of hog (one having a sharply ridged back).

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