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There are three kinds of text in genres of narration. They are narrative, recount and news item text itself. The three kinds of text have similar social function. They are composed or written to inform about something which happened in the past. What make different among them is the generic structure how they are composed. Due to informing about the past events, the three types of text commonly use pattern of simple past tense.
Specifically news item text inform publicly about the thing happened which is considered as newsworthy. It is important to be known publicly as it often happens in one part of region and that the function of news item text to socially spread the news. Take a look to the following example of news item text. It is quoted from the jakarta post. The news item text is informing the occurence of exploding car bomb.

Car bomb kills 3 near KFC in northwest Pakistan
A car bomb exploded Saturday near a KFC fast-food restaurant in Pakistan's main northwestern city, killing at least three people and leaving others trapped in a blazing building where many lawyers have offices, officials said.
The attack in Peshawar was the latest in a wave that has underscored the resilience of militant networks in the country as the army wages a key offensive against the Taliban in the lawless tribal belt bordering Afghanistan. An attack Friday on a mosque frequented by army personnel killed 37 people in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.
Saturday's explosion damaged vehicles and shattered windows along a wide stretch of a major road. At least three people died and seven others were wounded, police official Gohar Zaman said.

From the above example of news item text, we see most sentences are composed in pattern of PAST TENSE. The usage of past tense is as logical consequency as it tells the thing which happens in the past.
The generic structure of the newa item text is as follow:
Main event; the main event is the main newsworthy as a car bomb explodes
Elaboration; it can be a background, participant, victim, time, and place relating to the exploding bomb
Resource; it can be a witness or statement/treatment of the authority.


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