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Taa Daa…. Mr. Enjoy comes again. Today, Mr. Enjoy wants to explain you all about Adjective. I think all of you have heard about this word. So, what is Adjective? Is it a name of a food? Or may be it is a name of animal. Ha-ha… Don’t make a joke guys. Here is the meaning of Adjective:

“An adjective is a word that describes a noun.”

Adjective tells you something about the noun. There have explained in the previous post, about the definition of Noun. So, if noun is the name of something, adjective tells or describes the noun it self. I will give you some examples:
Big, yellow, thin, amazing, beautiful, quick, important

Adjective can also be described as a word or combination of words that modifies a noun. The examples are: blue-green, central, half-baked, temporary.

The characteristic of Noun:
- The word that expresses an attribute of something.
- The word class that qualifies nouns.
- Almost always placed before a noun in English.
- Adjective is a word that modifies a noun or pronoun by describing, refining, or qualifying it.
- Adjective has grammatical function of comparison
- An adjective is a part of speech which modifies a noun, usually making its meaning more specific. Adjectives are used in a predicative or attributive manner.
- Most usual position of adjective is at before the noun it modifies, but some are at other positions. The examples are: fifteen feet deep, the sky above, chapter five, etc.
- Can be identified by special derivational endings. It also can be identified by special adverbial modifiers that precede it.
- Examples of the sequence of adjectives in a noun phrase:
1.      Both the gifted young Negro college students
2.      Those three self-conscious little ladies
3.      The first ten four multi-purpose aluminum kitchen utensils
4.      That temperamental Italian opera singer.
Look at the table below:

Other Grammatical Structures as Adjectives:

1. The man who is sitting at the chair beside the lift. (Adjective clause)
2. The man sitting at the chair beside the lift. (Participial phrase)
3. The man at the chair beside the lift. (Prepositional phrase)
4. The man beside the lift. (Adverbial)
5. The man to finish on time. (Infinitive phrase)

Adjectives as others:
1. The brave, the dead (noun)
2. Hold tight (adverb)

I think it is enough. Mr. Enjoy feels so tired. Stay tune on www.enjoy2learn-english.blogspot.com See you in the next post! ^_^


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