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Adverb Phrase and Adverbial phrase

What is Adverb Phrase?
“Adverb phrase is a unit of phrase consists of an adverb as the head and one or more modifiers.”

An adverb phrase has a function as like the head, adverb. It may appear individually. The meaning of adverbial or adverbial phrase is a linguistic term for a single adverb or a group of more than one word operating adverbially, when viewed in terms of their syntactic function.
Now, look at sentences below. Please compare the following sentences:

•          We will go home soon.
•          We will go home in an hour.
•          We will go home when we have finished our book. 

In the first sentence, soon is an adverb. Beside that, it is an adverbial. So, it is clear that in the second sentence, in an hour has the same syntactic function, but it does not contain an adverb. So, we can conclude that the preposition, article, and noun in the sentences above have a same function. The function is as an Adverbial. In the third example below, we can see that a whole clause has a function as an adverbial. It could also be called an adverbial phrase. But, it is more likely to be described as an adverbial clause.

Adverbials sometimes consist of a pair of adverbs. Extra adverbs are called intensifiers:
•          Oddly enough
•          Very nicely
An adverbial can modify a verb phrase, an adjectival phrase or an entire clause.

Comparing the structure of the adverb and adjective phrases
It is quite useful to compare the adverb phrase with the adjective phrase. Now, Mr. Enjoy wants to give the structures for the adverb phrases in the left half and the adjective phrase in the right half.

The examples above illustrate the difference between the adverb phrase and the adjective phrase: the form of the complement it allows. The adjective takes an argument in only two of its possible forms. The first is as a noun clause complement, and the next is as an infinitive (a specific reduced form of a noun clause). I think it is enough. Stay tune on www.enjoy2learn-english.blogspot.com

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