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Hello there! Meet again with me, Mr. Enjoy. Today, we will talk about Verb phrase. I know you have understood it. But, I just want to remembering you, so that you do not forget about it. Now, let’ start the discussion, Baby!

“A verb phrase is a group of words which contains one main verb and one or more auxiliary verb.”

The group of verbs at least contains two or more verb, but maximum 5 verbs. Please look at the following table:

5 à Stem Verb 1
4 à Verb 3 (perfect)
3 à Verb –Ing (continuous)
2 à Verb 3 (passive)
1 à Verb 1, Verb 2, or Verb 3

Did you understand the table above? If you don’t understand, I will explain it as below:
·         A verb phrase at least contains two elements, such as (will(5) buy(1)), (have/has/had (4) bought (1)), (is/are/was/were (3) buying (1)), (is/are/was/were (2) bought (1))
·         The maximum number of a verb phrase contains five elements. The order is 5 4 3 2 1.
·         The bigger number always precedes the smaller number. Example (531), (321), (5431), etc.
·         Number 1 is always in the final position of a verb phrase, like: They are studying English.
·         The choice of auxiliary (5, 4, 3, or 2) must agree with the tense of the sentence. Such as: I am watching TV now. (present continuous)

Look at the examples below:
a)      Denny can (5) speaks (1) Indonesian fluently.
b)      My father has (4) finished (1) his job.
c)      My brother is (3) running (1) on the road.
d)      This home was (2) bought (1) by my father in 1980.
e)      Josh said that he would (5) go (1) to Yogyakarta.

That’s all I can explain to you. I hope you can understand it easily. See you! ^_^


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