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Hello friends, how are you? Hope you are all fine. Today we’ll discuss about verb. Before we go further, I will describe the meaning of verb first.

“A verb is a word which describes an action (doing something) or a state (being something).

Have you understood it? Take a look at examples below:
Walk, talk, think, believe, live, like, want

Verbs can transform into two forms.
·         The first form is become transitive.
It requires an object (her in I met her).
·         The second form is become intransitive.
It requires only a subject (The sun rises).
There also some verbs that are both transitive (e.g. feel: Feel the fabric) and intransitive (I feel cold) Cold here acts as an adjective, not object.

Characteristic of verbs
Below are characteristics of Verbs:
- One of the sentence cores.
- The verb is the most complex part of speech. Its varying arrangements with nouns determine the different kinds of sentences – statements, questions, commands, exclamations.
- Verb serves as the predicate of a sentence.
- Verb is a content word that denotes an action or a state of being.
- Verb is a word that means event or action, and it combines things involved in the event in a sentence.
- Verb is a part of speech that usually denotes action e.g. bring, read, occurrence e.g. to decompose (itself), to glitter, or a state of being e.g. exist, live, soak, stand.

“Special characteristic” and the properties of Verb:
1.      Tense
Verb is unique words. Every verb has special verb endings or accompanying auxiliary verbs to signal the time. Example: walk à walked, sleep à slept
2.      Voice
Special verb forms arranged in certain positions with nouns to indicate whether the grammatical subject of a sentence is performing an action (active voice) or is itself being acted upon (passive voice).
3.      Mood
Special verb forms marking (a) commands and requests, (b) statements expressing wishes, unreal conditions, or matters of urgency or importance.
4.      Aspect
Certain verb forms, often with accompanying adverbial expressions, indicating whether an event is to be regarded as a single point on a time continuum, a repetition of points, or a single duration with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Functions of Verbs:
Here is two functions of verb:
1. Linkage (Linking Verbs)
2. Strongest predicating words (Dynamic Verbs)

I think it is enough for the description of Verb. I hope you understand with what I talk about above. If you have some problems, ask something, or may be you still do not understand, please feel free to contact me. It will be my honor to help you all. That’s all. See you in the next post. Stay tune on www.enjoy2learn-english.blogspot.com


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