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The TOEFL test has a section named Structure and Written Expression section. Structure and Written Expression consists of forty questions. There just twenty-five minutes to complete the whole questions in this section.
There are two types of questions in the Structure and Written:

1. Structure (questions 1-15)
This type consists of fifteen sentences. There are part of the sentence has been replaced with a blank. Every sentence is followed by four answer choices. You must choose the answer that completes the sentence in a grammatically correct way.

2. Written Expression (questions 16-40)
This type consists of twenty-five sentences. There are four words or groups of words have been underlined. You should choose the underlined word or group of words that is not correct.

General Strategies

1.                   Be familiar with the directions.
Don’t spend the time to read the directions carefully, because the directions in the TOEFL test in same. You should be completely familiar with the directions before the day of the test.

2.                   Begin with questions I through 15 or the easiest one.
The questions number 1 through 5 will be the easiest. Anticipate that questions 11 through 15 will be the most difficult. Do not spend too much time on the difficult questions. It will be easier to answer the questions that come later.

3.                   Continue with questions 16 through 40.
Anticipate that questions 16 through 20 will be the easiest. Anticipate that questions 36 through 40 will be the most difficult. Do not spend too much time on questions 36 through 40.
4.                   If you have time, return to the difficult questions.
After you spend all the time to answer the easier questions, you should spend extra time on the difficult questions.

5.                   Never leave any answers blank on your answer sheet.
You should answer each question even if you are not sure of the correct response. There is no penalty for guessing.

The Structure Questions
Questions number 1 through 15 tests your knowledge about the correct structure of English sentences. The questions in this section are multiple-choice questions. You must choose the letter of the answer that is the best completes the sentence.

In this example, you should notice immediately that the sentence has a verb (is taking), and that the verb needs a subject.
Answers (B) and (D) are incorrect because when and her are not subjects. In answer (A), they is a subject, but they is plural and the verb is taking is singular. The correct answer is (C); the woman is a singular subject. Therefore, you should choose answer (C).

In the next Post, we will talk about the skill that will help you to implement these strategies in the TOEFL test.


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